Most Personal Care companies spend more on their packaging than on the ingredients in their products. MiVeda does the opposite. MiVeda produces unique products using only the best ingredients. How different is that! While MiVeda understands that our packaging needs to be top class, we strongly feel that most of the production cost should be spent on using the best ingredients so we can make the very best product possible.

The MiVeda difference is our philosophy to our products - MiVeda products contain NO potentially harmful ingredients.

We make it an absolute priority to eliminate all potentially harmful ingredients from our products, and this makes them unique in many countries around the world.

Most particularly we avoid the usage of the following specific ingredients which are commonly used in  most other commercial products for sale in retail shops around the world:



If you would like more information about why we feel these ingredients are undesirable in family products, please contact us.

Dr Dale Gerke has also investigated major health issues surrounding free radical damage, and he feels disease prevention can be significantly improved by using vitamin, antioxidants and herbal supplements. 

MiVeda has created its vitamin and antioxidant range to reflect Dr Gerke's views and show our strong commitment to increasing the general health of the community.


If you wish to order the unique MiVeda products then click on the relevant country website icons on the left of this page. Once in the appropriate website you will be able to follow the directions to order them.

We point out that each country has a range of products specific for the respective country. However products can be ordered from anywhere in the world and MiVeda will courier them to you. If you need more information then contact MiVeda via the relevant country website.