The Basics



Registration is free.

However, there is a requirement that the distributor must buy a minimum of products for their first order. Registration will not be confirmed (activated) until the initial minimum order is placed. The exact amount of the minimum requirement depends on the respective country the distributor is registered in.


Points Value Ratio

To the best of our knowledge MiVeda is one of the very few MLM companies with a 1:1 ratio of payment.

The ratio of payment in each country is1:1 (ie percentages are paid in a direct 1:1 ratio of the Distributor Price of the purchased products). Most people in the MLM industry do not understand the importance of this fact. However it means that MiVeda pays distributors a great deal more than most other companies.


Retail Profit

The Retail Price (eg MRP or RRP) will be approximately 25% above the distributor Cost of Products and includes all applicable local taxes.

There will be no commission paid on the retail mark up. This mark up is to be charged by the distributor and is at their discretion as to how much they charge (but never more than the recommended retail price). This retail profit is for the distributor to keep.

The Unilevel plan does not pay a bonus on personal orders but there is a Retail Pooled Bonus which distributors can earn if they meet the required criteria. The objective of the retail pooled bonus and also immediate retail profit on sales is to encourage and reward distributors for retail sales. It provides quick cash flow for new distributors.


Shared Pooled Bonuses

There are multiple pooled bonuses. As leaders qualify at higher levels, they share additional pools. These additional pools are a higher percentage of total monthly company product volume so there is more money in each respective pool.

The shared pooled leadership bonuses, means that leaders are rewarded if they help other leaders ("crossline") to build a business because as the volume increases in each leader's business, so the pooled amount increases. This is particularly important because different regional leaders are expected to help the "orphan" downline distributors of leaders from other regions. This benevolence will be reciprocated by other leaders elsewhere. All leaders will be strengthened by unity and teamwork.


Minimum Monthly Activity for a Bonus

A distributor must personally purchase a minimum amount of products in the respective bonus month to receive a bonus.

This is the minimum monthly activity level for each distributor.

If the minimum monthly activity is not met, the distributor will not be eligible for a bonus in that month. The distributor will keep their downline regardless of whether or not the minimum monthly activity level has been met.


Sponsor Early

We encourage new distributors to sponsor 15 to 20 wide during their first 12 months involvement. The company will teach Distributors how to do this and explain how to build to 20-30 in depth.


Renewal Requirement

Distributors must renew each year. In order to be renewed (renewal registration is free) a distributor must have placed an order at some time in the preceding 3 month period.


Product Delivery

Local freight rates will be charged to have products delivered to the nominated address of each distributor.

This address cannot be a Post Office but must be a home, office or residence of the distributor (or a home or residence nominated by the distributor - eg a friend or neighbour).


Training and Marketing

We will provide free training and marketing programs for all distributors. However any extra training and marketing (if required) should be provided by senior distributor leaders.

MiVeda has a strict policy against any profiteering by selling training and marketing tools for profit. We expect distributors to make income from selling MiVeda products, not by selling training and marketing tools.