Direct Selling Commissions

MiVeda offers Direct Selling Commissions within its Compensation Plan.

This concept is unmatched in the industry, and as far as we know, is not offered by any other MLM company in the industry.

This provides our Distributors with a Compensation Plan which is more flexible and financially rewarding than any of our competitors.

We do this by allowing our Distributors to choose to register as either a MLM distributor, or as a Direct Seller.

If you want to become a MiVeda Direct Seller, please be aware of the following criteria that apply to our Direct Sellers:

  • You will be paid 20% commission on monthly sales.  
  • You will need to email us at this email ID and tell us you want to be a Direct Seller.
  • You can be sponsored by existing MLM distributors.
  • You will not be able to “sponsor” anyone.
  • You may elect to become a MLM distributor at a later date, at which time MiVeda change the status of your membership from Direct Seller to Distributor.
  • Your up-line sponsor will be paid the usual commissions for sponsoring a Direct Seller, subject to the Terms and Conditions of being a MiVeda Distributor.
  • You must purchase the "country specific" minimum monthly amount of product before you are eligible for a monthly commission bonus.
  • You can sell your MiVeda products via retail sales and make a retail profit (i.e. the difference between the Distributor Price and the Retail Price).
  • You must submit a report of your sales each month to the MiVeda payment team.
  • You will be eligible for an additional Pooled Retail Bonus. Details about this bonus can be found here.