Our People


Dr Dale Gerke

BDS, BSc (Hons), PhD, FRACDS, MDS, MRACDS (Pros)

Director (India and Australia)


Dale Gerke (small)Dr Dale Gerke obtained his first University degree in Dentistry, followed by a Science Honours degree in Oral Biology. Several years later he obtained his PhD in Pharmacology and thus started his long and distinguished involvement in scientific and clinical research (he has numerous scientific publications to his name). After ten years running several successful practices, he completed his specialist degree in Prosthodontics and was admitted to the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons as a Fellow in Operative Dentistry and later also as a Member in Prosthodontics.

Dr Dale is also the proud father of three wonderful and talented children as well as grandfather to four beautiful girls. He has also been married for well over 40 years to his devoted wife, Robyn.

Dr Dale Gerke has been successful in many fields of endeavour. He has owned various successful businesses and about 25 years ago started his career in marketing. Since he started, he has been a Direct Distributor in Amway, a Platinum distributor in Jewelway, and over the last fifteen years a Double, Crystal Diamond in Neways International. He has been involved in marketing and multi-level franchising for about 25 years besides being a health professional and research scientist over the last 40 years.

As a founder and Chairman of MiVeda, Dr Dale Gerke’s passions and interests include:

  • Caring for those he serves
  • Helping the community become healthier
  • Campaigning against the use of harmful ingredients in commercial personal care, cosmetic, food and household consumer products
  • Helping as many people as possible to become wealthier
  • Helping people become healthier and wealthier by providing an opportunity to improve their lifestyle by offering the MiVeda opportunity to everyone who wants it

Dr Dale Gerke has been an active member of the Australia India Business council for several years.

In 1974, Dr Gerke published the results of a medical clinical trial he conducted which investigated the interactions of the multitude of drugs being prescribed to patients in a large public hospital. As a result of this study, Dr Gerke began to realise that pharmaceutical drugs were not necessarily the ideal treatment for many in the population.

In the late 1970s, Dr Gerke published many more scientific and medical results relating to interactions between various drugs and the vascular system. Following these studies, Dr Gerke realised that some drugs acted synergistically together with other drugs to potentiate (magnify) the effect of each individual drug.  This warned Dr Gerke to be aware of possible unexpected actions some drugs/ingredients have. His studies also found many drugs have an accumulating effect in critical organs.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Dr Gerke continued his multiple clinical research trials and was published extensively in various scientific and medical journals.

His studies confirmed that many drugs being prescribed in hospitals and by the western medicine had harmful effects on patients.

In 1993, Dr Gerke became aware of two major health issues. Firstly, there was a general lack of proper nutrition within the community. Secondly, there were many ingredients in commercial products being supplied to people in the population that he considered undesirable because of the potential harmful effects.

Since then,Dr Gerke has been educating the public about these problems and has presented his views at many community seminars around the world.

Over the following two decades he helped many people with their health.

In 2007, Dr Gerke focused his attention on the Indian community. Since then he has worked hard to develop a way he could share his knowledge in India and around the world. Further he found a way to provide a solution for some of the problems facing the people in the world today.

MiVeda is that way.


Mr Greg Chappell


Director (India)


Greg Chappell Photo (small)

Greg Chappell has been a world famous test cricketer. After his retirement from playing cricket, he became very successful in a variety of marketing businesses and television commentary. Greg has also coached the South Australian cricket team, the Indian cricket team and been the Head Coach of the Cricket Australia Centre of Excellence and is now Cricket Australia's National Talent Manager - responsible for identifying and developing the next generation of Australian cricketers. He tours Australia and the world on a regular basis in this capacity.

Mr Greg Chappell has been a friend and business partner with Dr Dale Gerke for several decades. When he became coach of the Indian cricket side, Greg and Dr Dale decided to investigate setting up a health/marketing/distribution company in India. When Dr Dale informed Greg of his intention to start MiVeda, Greg immediately volunteered to be part of the Board of Directors and to help as best he could with the venture.

The experience and expertise of Mr Greg Chappell is well known to all who have been involved with him. He is a valuable addition to the Board and will provide valuable input – especially in the initial stages of development in India.


Ms Courtney Gerke


Director (India and Australia)


Courtney Gerke (small)Courtney graduated from university about 15 years ago with a Bachelor of Education.

Courtney has held many positions in her professional career. Currently she maintains a position as a tutor at the University of South Australia.

As a daughter of Dr Gerke, Courtney is has also been involved with Dr Gerke’s marketing businesses for almost 20 years. She has also been a distributor for a global health franchise for 15 years.

As a co-founder of MiVeda, Courtney is a Director of MiVeda and is integrally involved with the MiVeda management team. Courtney is also a mother of two lovely young girls.

Over the course of her career Courtney has established herself as a great trainer and leader. She brings enormous knowledge and experience to the MiVeda team.


Mr Tristan Gerke


Director (India and Australia)


Tristan Gerke  (small)Tristan is a co-founding Director of MiVeda, and has been involved with franchise and marketing businesses for more than 20 years.

Tristan is also skilled and practiced professional with over 10 years experience developing and leading commercial teams.

Admitted to practice as a lawyer in Australia and the USA, Tristan has specialized in commercial law, large mining and construction contracts, contract law, negotiation, management and administration, property law, finance law, alternative dispute resolution and general litigation.

With experience from pre-contract to final account including contract negotiations, risk analysis and allocation, insurance and bonding, tripartite agreements, large variation and claim resolution, final account, defects liability and warranty close out, settlement and release, mediation and arbitration, Tristan is an integral member of the MiVeda management team.